MyTISM is a framework to develop database-supported applications in a fast and effective way. Based upon PostgreSQL and Java, it runs on almost all popular operating systems and platforms.

Take a first look at its features or get a more detailed overview by reading the introduction.


Out of the box the MyTISM framework already provides the following features:


  • Flexible user- and group-privileges
  • Extremely flexible (due to possibility of scripting) and fine-grained (down to the level of single attributes) privileges
  • Highest security due to SSL encrypted connections
  • Secure, transaction-based data storage
  • Point-In-Time recovery of server-side data storage
  • Extremely fine-grained logging of any changes


  • Powerful GUI client (Solstice) for interactive work, containing a flexible and powerful form engine (including full scripting support)
  • Transaction-oriented form handling
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Grails based web interface
  • GUI is non-modal, which allows working parallel with an unlimited number of windows, forms or objects at the same time

Network Support

  • Completely multiuser capable with secure conflict detection and handling for concurrent object modifications
  • Unlimited amount of distributed and synchronizing servers, working without any connection to the "main server" is possible
  • Synchronization allows comfortable realtime backup solution
  • Server-client communication is compressed, therefore working over low bandwidth connections is no problem

Object Orientation

  • Fully object-oriented design
  • Support of polymorphism in any query and relation
  • Object-oriented database features
  • Managed Code for all relation methods


  • Easy installation and deployment via internet using our own launcher Dawn
  • Powerful alarm system which allows notification for any changes (or absence of expected ones)
  • Flexible and powerful notification system
  • Easy schema definition with automatic generation of Java classes, GUI, forms, bookmarks, templates - everything still customizable and extensible, of course
  • Fully automatic adjustment/maintenance of the database, forms, etc. after schema changes


  • Letzshop connection of the cash register system / ERP system.
    27. November 2021

    Since October 2021 there is the possibility to offer your goods also on the online platform "Letzshop", which is well known in Luxembourg, directly from the POS system / ERP system.

    Changed stock due to goods receipts, sales in your local shops/branches, etc. will be automatically synchronized with Letzshop.

    There is no easier way to develop a new online sales opportunity based on existing item master data. :-)

    Contact us for more information.

  • Office closed during holidays 2020
    16. Dezember 2020

    Our office will be closed from 12/24/2020 to 12/31/2020 (inclusive). From January 4th, 2020 we will be at your disposal again.

    In urgent cases you can write an email to . This address will also be checked during the time specified above.

    We wish all our customers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Home office due to SARS-CoV-2 ("corona virus") - UPDATE
    01. April 2020

    Due to the current situation, the staff will remain in the home office until further notice.

    As the telephone will not be permanently monitored, we kindly ask you communicate with us via e-mail ( or

    We ask for your understanding and stay healthy.


  • No charges for updates of the framework core
  • No upfront license fee
(The prices listed are net prices.)


Incl. 2 concurrent sessions.

Each further concurrent session (up to 10): 12€


Incl. 10 concurrent sessions.

Each further concurrent session (up to 50): 8€


Incl. 50 concurrent sessions.

Each further concurrent session (up to 250): 6€


Expert: 135€

Engineer: 95€

Junior: 80€



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